Te Ātiawa signs deed of settlement

By Heeni Brown

Despite the dissent from Otaraua and Manukōrihi hapū, the settlement signing for Te Ātiawa iwi took place in New Plymouth. A settlement package worth $87 million in financial and commercial redress, a means of compensation from the Crown.

Otaraua and Manukōrihi remain rebellious in their cause.

They say they'll stop at nothing to end the deed of settlement, the final settlement of all historical claims of Te Ātiawa resulting from omissions and acts from the Crown.

Three Waitara marae including Ōwae refused to host the signing ceremony, despite that, the message at the ceremony which went ahead was clear and that it was so beautiful.

The Crown apologises for its actions during the Taranaki wars that resulted in the confiscation of Te Ātiawa lands and loss of life of its people.

This settlement package includes a financial and commercial redress of $87million for Te Ātiawa. The Treaty Minister says the settlement signals a new beginning for its descendants.

Now, the settlement will look towards becoming law, and post-treaty settlement entity Te Kotahi o Te Ātiawa will manage the settlement assets.