Te Haaro o te Kaahu Kapa Haka Kura Tuarua 2016- Te Kapa o Kingi Kāreti

Te Kapa o Kingi Kāreti was established at King’s College in 1995 and summarise their mission statement using their school whakatauki ‘Te Tangata Pumau’.  This is their first time performing at the national level.

The group’s kaitātaki tane is Johannes Leituala.

Te Kapa o Kingi Kāreti don’t want to take anything for granted and describe their goal as one of enjoyment and celebration of the opportunity they have been given.  As newcomers, the group also want to express who they are and where they come from with their performance.

This clip shows the group performing the waiata-a-ringa ‘E Hine, Koia Kei a Koe’.  This song encourages Māori boys and men to court young ladies in a way that is befitting, and most of all, to make sure you ‘got game’!