Te Kāea helps die hard Hurricane fans score golden tickets to final

By Ripeka Timutimu

The hot topic of the weekend is the Super Rugby final between the Hurricanes and the Highlanders in the Capital.

Tonight at 6pm the Highlanders team and a lot of their supporters will be touching down in the Capital.

It was a bit showery today, and bitterly cold at times, but the interest from fans in this game has seen a definite sense of excitement in and around town. But no fans are perhaps more excited than a pair Te Kāea met today.

Its Hurricanes fever in the Capital, and it's even spread across the ditch.

Tereora and Geoff say, “We're from the gold Coast. We just flew in this morning!”

But it seems Tereora Tuaeu and Geoff Stevens have arrived with just the clothes on their backs.

They say, “We don't even have tickets, we just come because we knew we had to be in town you know. This is once in a million lifetime chance, so just have to be here, the Hurricanes are going to do it this year, this is our year!”

The pair say they would do anything to get them some tickets.

“Man I'll run naked down the street if you want me to and I'll jump on his back, it’s not just about the tickets it’s about supporting the team.”

Though they didn't have tickets, they were still excited to meet their rugby heroes, who are getting ready for Saturday.

TJ Perenara says, “Yeah looking forward to it, still a little while out now, still got to get through today and tomorrow morning.”

Julian Savea says, “This is my first final, so yup really looking forward to it.”

But Te Kāea told Tereora and Geoff's story to Hurricanes management and a minute later, their luck had changed, with huge appreciation to the Canes.

No doubt we will now be seeing the pair at the big game at the Cake Tin this Saturday.