Te Kāea story triggers Housing NZ response to tenant's plight

Arohe Hare was fed up with the refusal of Housing New Zealand to acknowledge and assist with her plight in regards to the state of her home and the impact it was having on her health.

Numerous calls for assistance to Housing had gone unanswered so Aroha Hare turned to Te Kāea to tell her story.

Failing health, blood clots and minimal mobility plagues the 73-year-old, who had been complaining to Housing NZ about the state of her flat which she believed was contributing to her illness.

Aroha Hare claimed the flat was damp and mouldy which compounded her health problems, however she says Housing wasn't interested in moving her elsewhere.

After Te Kāea contacted Housing NZ, the service reassured the programme it would look into the matter urgently.