Te Kāhui Rangatahi helping Waikato kōhanga reo to create tamariki resources

updated By Numia Ponika-Rangi
Erana Kihi at Te Kura Kāpuia Wānanga, Rāhui Pōkeka

Youth group Te Kāhui Rangatahi have called for Kōhanga Reo in the Waikato region together to hold workshops and discuss the Kīngatanga to help create resources for their tamariki.

Facilitator Erana Kihi told Te Kāea, "It's about empowering our whānau to share and educate tamariki, and whānau, about Kīngitanga and tikanga Māori."

Te Kura Kāpuia is carried out completely in te reo Māori and is being held from January 20-22 at Waahi Pā in Huntly.

“The origin of the Poukai, the origin of the Pai Marire prayers, the history relating to all the kings, the proverbs and stories of King Tāwhiao which are still relevant today,” says Huirama Matatahi.

Kōhanga teacher Maraea Te Wara says, “I want to learn about the King Movement, the history and the events surrounding the kingship, not only for the benefit of the children at the kōhanga but for my own kids as well.”

This is only the beginning for these kōhanga reo teachers of Waikato Tainui, however they will spearhead the charge toward an ultimate goal.

Kihi says, “We aim to upskill and eventually pass on the knowledge and the resources to all schools and kōhanga wanting to learn. This will make creating those resources easier to do.”

For more information, email tekaahuirangatahi@gmail.com or check out the Ko Waikato Te Awa, Ko Waikato Te Iwi facebook page.