Te Kāhui Rangatahi reaches out to more Kīngitanga followers

By Te Ao Māori News

At present, there is only a small number of youth throughout NZ who are following Te Kīngitanga. 

In a wānanga over the weekend, they discussed the issue at Te Puea Marae and are trying to find ways for those to be more involved with Te Kīngitanga.

Whati Ratu says, “Quite a few are ignorant when it comes to this great Māori movement.  The Kīngitanga is a national treasure, so they too have a part to play.”

Te Kīngitanga began 156 years ago, since the first king Pōtatau Te Wherowhero took the throne.

Te Kāhui Rangatahi will continue to travel across the country baring the Kīngitanga's aspirations in the hopes that its stories will live on.