Te Kōhanga Reo National Trusts $2.5mil contract at stake

By Maiki Sherman

Hekia Parata was answering questions in Parliament today and she says it's the failure of the board to do the same which has led to the decision not to renew its master contract with the Ministry of Education.

“They haven't really been forthcoming with the actions they're taking within the Trust.”

$2.5mil is the value of the contract covering the operations of the National Trust. The letter goes on to say both the Ministry and the Trust may look at a new contract, but first the ministers have a few recommendations.  

According to the letter, the failure of the National Trust to support kōhanga reo is the reason the contract won't be renewed. A cluster of kōhanga in Mataatua/Tauranga Moana says this will ensure change occurs. The NZ Maori Council says it's overstepping the mark.

In the letter, it also states kōhanga whānau should be represented at the National Trust board level, and life membership should also be abolished.

This Friday all eyes will be fixed on the National Trust and its actions at King Tūheitia's national meeting. If they don't get it right, there's much at stake, including the $2.5mil contract and the mandate of kōhanga whānau.