Te Kotahitanga o Ngā Hapū o Ngāpuhi discuss Tūhoronuku leadership

By Dean Nathan

Ngāpuhi must make the determination on the allegations hanging over their chairman, Raniera (Sonny) Tau.  This from a meeting of Te Kotahitanga o Ngā Hapū o Ngāpuhi today. 

The recent deeds of the Ngāpuhi Chair were on the agenda at today’s meeting of Te Kotahitanga o Ngā Hapū o Ngāpuhi.

Hine Puru says, “If our forests were full of birds, it wouldn't be problem.  That’s how I see it!  We of Ngāpuhi should make the determination on the issue relating to Sonny because we speak for him and not Pākehā.”

A co-Chair of Te Kotahitanga o Ngā Hapū o Ngāpuhi, Pita Tipene says the situation shows that Tūhoronuku is wrong.

“It was wrong at the start and is still wrong.  The harvesting of wood pigeon is of major importance within Ngāpuhi conservation and Ngāpuhi are embarrassed by it but of utmost importance is the fact that Tūhoronuku is wrong.”

Despite their staunch opposition to Tūhoronuku, there is strong support at this gathering for the investigation against Sonny Tau to be held at an iwi level and an apology given to the people of the South Island.

Kingi Taurua says, “I've put it to this meeting and I believe it will receive the support that Ngāpuhi travel to the South Island to apologise for what our chair has done to them.”

Te Raa Nehua says, “Let’s not let the wood pigeon end up like the moa, no more!”  For now the Chair of Ngāpuhi is not commenting on the matter.