Te Kura Māori o Ngā Tapuwae takes out Manu Kōrero regionals

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

The new East/South Regional Ngā Manu Kōrero Competitions were held on Friday, under their new name, Te Whaitua o Uenuku.

Despite a decrease in the number of participating schools, and with only one day to get through them, the competition finished when it was dark.  

Spokesperson for the organisers say it's a new start and they have identified areas to be looked at, discussed and rectified.

This is the first Auckland Regionals Ngā Manu Kōrero Competitions since the Southern schools split from the North.

Te Kepa Stirling said, "Last year, we thought it would be more manageable to split the two regions and have the South Auckland comp as a stand-alone entity."

As with anything new, new rules, new format, not everything will go according to plan as the competition finished in the dark.

"It went fine but yes you're right it went into the night, although the plan was to have prize giving at 3pm.  But because some schools had a few problems, there were delays, which caused the lateness," says Stirling.

One special reminder in regard to the Manu Kōrero competitions is that they have reached a milestone of 50 years, so we acknowledge all those who started the competition and those who have passed on but are still with us spiritually.

"I applaud the 50 years that we have all worked together in Auckland for this competition.  Even now as we have split, I still acknowledge everyone and they are here represented in the trophies, the Pei Te Hurinui, Rāwhiti Ihaka, Te Korimako and Sir Turi Carroll," said Stirling.

Here are the results for Te Whaitua o Uenuku:

Pei Te Hurinui Jones (Senior Māori):

Pounamu Mārtin - Te Kura Māori o Ngā Tapuwae

Rāwhiti Ihaka (Junior Māori):

Te Atakura Savage - Te Kura Māori o Ngā Tapuwae

Korimako (Senior English):

Ashlie-Renae Naden - Te Kura Māori o Ngā Tapuwae

Tā Turi Kara (Junior English):

Moana Cook - Te Kura Māori o Ngā Tapuwae