Te Pae Here Kāhui Ako and Ngāti Wairere work together on new approaches to history

By Te Ao - Māori News

As schools across the country prepare for the upcoming New Zealand history curriculum, a partnership between mana whenua and teachers in the Waikato ensures Māori stories from the past are not forgotten.

The partnership aims to address decolonisation in the education system, a task Fairfield College principal Richard Crawford says is not easy.

“This will be achieved through educating our staff in terms of equity issues, for them to really understand the history of our country and especially from our local mana whenua perspective and the telling of those stories.”

More than a thousand teachers from 22 schools gathered recently at a development day to learn from Ngāti Wairere about Waikato conflicts from 1863 to today.

Hamilton school association Te Pae Here, was formed to help solidify the partnership, share progress and consult about the way forward. A website was launched, to help teachers on their journey.

“I see it to be very impactful with everything that we do in schools. So we are really excited about it and knowing that there’s still a lot of learning that needs to happen, and we’re really excited about that,” says Crawford.