Te Papapa School learns community safety

By Talisa Kupenga

The Junior Neighbourhood Support programme, launched at Auckland's Te Papapa Primary School, teaches children to look out for themselves and others within their community.  It also helps them become familiar with Police.

Police Mascot Captain Community makes friends with students at Te Papapa School, as part of the Junior Neighbourhood Support programme teaching children about community safety.

One student says, "they help us."

Another says, "they taught us to be good in school and listen to the teachers."

Eleven-year-old Tina Tuaoimaali says, "there are people watching out for us making sure that we are safe."

While 9-year-old Berakah Vaituutuu says, "they support our community, and whenever there's someone in trouble they're on the way."

The term-long programme designed for 5-year-olds to 13-year-olds helps children understand community diversity, take pride in their surroundings and prevent bullying.

Auckland Police Sergeant Tama Morehu says, "the great thing is the children will take all they have learnt out to help and support their community."

The Eagle Helicopter landed and the Police dogs came to visit.

Eleven-year-old Mose Bourne says, "it's amazing and it's cool to see the helicopter because it's my first time seeing the helicopter up close."

Berakah agrees, "I'm happy to see it because I've actually wanted to see a helicopter since I was seven."

The programme will be rolled out to a number of schools in the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board area and is expected to be further expanded next year.