Te Puea to redistribute remaining donations

updated By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

Te Puea Marae will distribute their resources to four other services in regions across the North Island. Te Puea chair Hurimoana Dennis says as they transition to exit their Manaaki Tangata Programme, they want to support other marae or community groups helping the homeless.

It's business as usual for Dennis, taking care of the homeless. The marae is preparing to exit their programme by the end of the month. However, they want to continue supporting other groups like them.

“We've discussed other initiatives currently helping the homeless like ours. We've come across four groups to who we can distribute the donations of food, clothes and food. That's what our marae board hopes to do. To connect with other groups who are doing the same work as us, with clear processes, then, we will give our surplus resources to them,’ said Dennis.

It's been nearly 11 weeks since the marae opened its doors to help the homeless. Since then, they have helped 60 whānau find accommodation and they've become family to the marae.

Te Puea Marae volunteer Mona Kingi says, “I'm feeling really down at the moment.  I miss, I miss, it’s been a real good challenge, and it was, like to me it came out of nowhere.”

However, local community services are still concerned for those needing housing.

CEO of Mangere Budgeting service Darryl Evans, “Rents have risen to 65% of the average income, and it's not sustainable. Especially if you're on low income, you should be paying no more than 25 percent of your income, as a state tenant does to Housing NZ.”

Dennis says they will distribute surplus donations to groups in Northland, Manurewa, Hamilton and Tauranga.