Te Rarawa claim Open Men’s section - Māori Touch Nationals

By Lynette Amoroa

Te Rarawa dominated the first half and capitalised on every opportunity from the whistle. Wairere struggled to find their feet, which resulted in late gap opportunities and slight misjudged passes.

Te Rarawa pulled their defence in close creating holes out wide. However Wairere played tight in the middle using quick and simple techniques to get the ball over the line.

Te Rarawa showed off their quick feet by running holes. Te Rarawa’s also displayed quick attacking skills, which kept the opposition on the back foot.

The second half had Wairere scrambling to the line in a last minute effort but Te Rarawa remained calm shutting them down.

Panic set in on Wairere, giving Te Rarawa the opportunity to capitalise on their mistakes and bringing the final score 6-3.