Te Rarawa keeping a close eye on oil company Statoil

As more details of the Govt's lavish hosting of oil companies is revealed, iwi like Te Rarawa continue to fight against the effects of the companies in their regions.

At the third hui called by the iwi with Statoil this morning, tension was extremely high.

More details have emerged in regards to the $237,000 spend by Resource and Energy Minister Simon Bridges to host 11 oil execs during the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

$7200 on wine tasting and a further $37,000 for four night stay at the Intercontinental in Wellington.

This is not an issue that concerns the Green Party alone, but also Northern iwi.

This morning, tempers flared at a meeting called by Te Rarawa with Statoil.

Statoil have their eyes set on the Te Reinga Basin and were one of the companies indulged during the World Cup.

Te Rarawa Chair Haami Piripi says the warm reception this current government is giving to mining companies has sealed deals and all tribes can do now is get as close as possible, to know what the environmental and cultural impacts will be.

However, another sector of northern tribes say that all he's doing is pandering to them.

Statoil have a 6-year term on researching the area to look at just what they want from it.

In the meantime, Te Rarawa intends to keep an eye on them every step of the way.