Te Rau Puawai Celebrates 20 years of success

By Tema Hemi

A Massey University programme is celebrating a 95% pass rate along with its 20-year anniversary. Over 400 mental health workers including psychiatrists and clinical psychologists have graduated from the programme. 

Graduates of Te Rau Puawai have set a high level of performance in the mental health sector.

Founder of the programme Sir Mason Durie says, "One of the things we realised is that if we're going to make big gains in health we need a workforce that can do that in the right way.  There were very few Māori in health in general but particularly in mental health".

Durie also says, "The examples being illustrated have been noticed throughout the whole mental health sector and over 400, well closer to 500, have been through the programme and have succeeded in gaining their qualifications."

According to the Minister of Development Nanaia Mahuta there is plenty of support, "At this time the government has established a review board so that the minister understands what is needed."

Sir Mason hopes that this programme will soon to be nationwide. He said, "I'd like to see it continue because its shown that it can produce good results which our funders are interested in. But what I think it will do, it will shift in direction as we become more and more aware that mental health is not about a Psychiatric illness, its a step towards wellness."

Good health and well being will remain to be the priority of the graduates of Te Rau Puawai.