Te Reanga Mōrehu o Ratana maintain winning streak

Te Reanga Mōrehu o Ratana continue to set the bar for the caliber of haka in the Aotea Region, coming away with yet another win at the Aotea regional kapa haka competition.

Te Reanga Mōrehu o Ratana sung their hearts out on their home stage yesterday gaining their sixth win in a row.

Tutor Te Taepa Kameta says, “Every year the goal is to raise the bar higher and higher, if you win year after year, you must reflect on your performance, what were the strengths were and what the areas are that need improvement. That's how you improve.”

Female leader Te Oranga Tamou says it could be time to bring forward some of the up and coming leaders in the group.

“I want to finish up and give leadership to someone else to carry our messages to the world.”

Te Reanga Mōrehu o Ratana was established in 1997 and has always used the stage as a platform to share their faith and the teachings of Tahupōtiki Wiremu Ratana.

Kameta says, “The spirit is settled, we carried our values in our performance and achieved what we set out to do and that is to share our faith.”

The team now has a year to prepare for Te Matatini and are striving to make the top ten.