Te Reo Māori and invisible ink to be phased into NZ passports

By Te Ao - Māori News

Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs has unveiled a new version of the New Zealand passport with enhanced security features, according to Stuff.co.nz.

The department said in a statement the new features would make the country's passport "one of the most technologically advanced passports in the world."

New features on the data page included the use of thermochromic ink, which becomes invisible at a certain temperature and reappears at the set-point temperature. 

The new data page would also feature a special kinegram, or moving picture, to protect the primary image from being tampered with or manipulated, as well as a second, kiwi-shaped portrait window.

The front cover will remain the same with the silver fern and coat of arms but te Reo Māori will appear before English on the cover and throughout the book.

But, to prevent the waste of existing passport stock, the department said it would continue to issue current passports until they have run out. The impacts of Covid-19, with fewer people needing passports, means it could take a long time to use up current passports.