Te Taitokerau reacts to Mana Internet party merger

By Dean Nathan

There was no rest for the Taitokerau MP today following the deal between Mana and the internet party with strong words from Labours' Kelvin Davis over his upcoming election battle with Hone Harawira for the Taitokerau seat.

It was a return to the electorate today following the deal between the Mana Party and the Internet Party.

Hone Harawira says, “Our people are the most important.  Despite all the bling bling over the Mana and Internet Party deal it is the people here at home that are utmost in my my thoughts all the time.”

Meanwhile residents of the rohe like Emma Kiwara of Ngati Porou say.“I think it’s good. I think as long as they keep their ideals the way they were. I'd hate to see another activist go into Government and then go the way of Sue.  I like John where he is and what he does and prefer that he stays that way.  Hopefully he stays that way with the merger.”

Aniata Mackey of Ngati Hine, says “I would have voted for Mana Party this year but I dont think they’re doing their job by being the right leaders for our Māori people.”

Despite different reaction on the street the Mana Party claim they have had a rise in new registrations which is the major focus.

Support them or not the Mana Party say they are totally focussed on the election at hand with the knowledge that they now have the resources to enable them to engage with the hundreds of thousands who didn't vote in the last election.