Te Tira Hōu

While Ruātoki prepare for the arrival of their visitors, Tūhoe living elsewhere prepare for the journey home.

Every two years, Tūhoe living across the nation put aside their commitments to participate in their tribal festival, but this year, most groups are feeling the pressure to meet deadlines,with some turning around haka brackets in just one month.

They're called Te Tira Hōu, but they're no strangers to the Tūhoe Festival.

That's the ultimate dream for every team participating in this week's festival challenges, but others in this Auckland-based group believe the festival serves a greater purpose.

Despite the stresses and responsibilities of being a young tutor, Rapaera Tawhai says he always feels rewarded when he sees each individual gaining a new understanding of Tūhoe history.

While each of these members may hold their own personal goals to achieve at the festival, at the end of the day, the overall winners are the people of Tūhoe.