Te Wā Kōrero program uses Tik Tok to engage with the rangatahi

By D'Angelo Martin

A new decade brings along a new platform that resonates with this generation. Social media platform Tik Tok where young people express themselves through singing and dancing, is where you can see them being confident within themselves. 

The National Hauora Coalition brought to life a new initiative named Te Wā Kōrero that utilises the platform. Program coordinator Mary Tuisalega explains that connection, identity and belonging are what it’s all about. Furthermore she adds, the purpose of the programme is to instill those values in the tamariki.

“Within our group sessions at lunch where we actually play some music we play some sounds.

“That's all tik tok and we see just crowds of young people just come through to take part in it.

“I applied Tainapōhatu takepū principle which was āhurutanga, kaitiakitanga, and mauri ora and I've instilled these values within our programme which is in our eight week session.”

Rawiri Jansen clinical director for National Hauora Coalition says:

"It's an opportunity to give the kids the tools and resources so that they know who they are.

“That they know their language and where they’re from. For them to be confident in knowing these things."

Deputy Principal Junaid Rungan says, “Where we are at the moment like we already notice besides these guys here coming in and just engaging we noticed that the children are wanting to talk more.”

Mary Tuisalega “I think a lot of people think engaging is just standing here and talking.

“Which that is a part of it. But it's also like you said being relevant.

“I think we need to know where our rangatahi are at these days.

Tuisalega explains the importance that communication has with connecting with taiohi.

“We need to know the positive influences that it's having on our rangatahi and how we can incorporate that within our sessions.

“Our whakatauki is whakapono ki a koe so believe in yourself.

“But it's also who you are, and who your people are, and who came before you.”

The Te Wā Kōrero program is now on week 5 and will wrap up next month in April.