Te Wānanga Takiura o Ngā Kura Kaupapa Māori graduation

By Heeni Brown

It's a time where families can acknowledge the hard yards their whānau members have put in to become a qualified teacher.

Today's graduation ceremony celebrated the success of Te Wānanga Takiura o Ngā Kura Kaupapa Māori students for 2013.

It's been a long but worthwhile journey for Waha Tauhara, “Because I spent four years training to get my bachelors this is huge, and now I can go home with the knowledge I've gained and be able to teach my own people”

The Minister of Māori Affairs Pita Sharples believes, “Children would start at kōhanga then move into mainstream and during their time they'll lose the language.

There they'd be laughed at for speaking Māori but now after establishing total immersion schools they have a schooling to go to.”

28 students are now qualified to teach. Hopefully that next year's intake will have the same success.