Teachers call for National’s IES policy to be scrapped

By Dean Nathan

Investing in educational success is the name of a flagship policy of the national government but 93% of principals and teachers nationwide have rejected it.  Today they took the matter to MPs' offices across the country.

The street outside Kelvin Davis' office was full of teachers claiming that inequalities in the education system will not be addressed by giving some of them a pay rise.

Under the policy called IES (Investing in Educational Success), the government propose spending $359million on pay rises for some principals and teachers.

Under Labour policy, the national standards will be scrapped and they totally support the call by teachers nationwide that there are a number of inequities in education that these funds could be used on as opposed to pay rises.

They believe it’s important to scrap this government policy known as IES and use those funds on matters like putting more teachers in classrooms.

Teachers say it’s a pressing issue which needs to be addressed.