Teams display true rivalry in Hawke's Bay Cup Regatta

It's a classic case of good old river rivalry, with one of the oldest rowing clubs versus one of the newer clubs.

Hawke's Bay has been around for 140 years, while Aramoho from Whanganui a mere 29, but they've proven to be great rivals on the water at the Hawke's Bay Cup Regatta.

It’s the red and yellow stripes of Aramoho lined up against the black and white of Hawke's Bay that dominated the river.

Devon Awhina Thompson from Aramoho says, “It's been really competitive and this is the second biggest regatta I've been to; there are just lots of rivals.”

Hawke's Bay are the current holders of the Hawke's Bay Cup, and they're not willing to just give it away to their closest rival.

Tom Mackintosh from Hawke's Bay says, “I'd say they’re a really good club and I respect them a lot.  They have some seriously good rowers there.”

Though Aramoho held their own on the water, Hawke's Bay flexed its muscle in the final races, taking a dominant lead.

“It's a good experience for me because I get to row with other girls that may be higher than me,” says Jasmin Beard (Aramoho).

Hawke's Bay has held the Hawke's Bay Cup since 2007 and they get to hold onto it for another year.