Teen blames Police for loss of teeth

Hundreds of teenagers are said to have spilled out into the street, wreaking havoc.

Two teeth in plastic bag is a stark reminder for Ella Eketone of what unfolded over the weekend, when police, assisted by a helicopter,

attempted to shut down an overcrowded party while she says shewas attempting to leave.

Her mother Nicole Eketone says “she just seems a different person , shaking a lot, and nervous.” Ella admits to drinking, but says she was not intoxicated and at the time she was pushed also claims she was complying with police requests.

Marie Cook was the host of the party celebrating her daughter's 18th birthday. She claims the party was going well until the police arrived and that no alcohol was supplied to party-goers.

Cook claims, “we're being made to be the bad guys and I don't think it's very fair to be honest.” 

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has launched an inquiry, while police met with the Eketone family today.

Ms Eketone says,“the police need to change the way they deal with teenagers and shut down parties because it's not working.”

The incident has changed the way Nicola Eketone views her daughter's drinking.

Police are investigating the incident but have not identified the officer involved.

Reporter: Aroha Treacher.