Teina Pora legal team responds to Privy Council judgment

By Te Ao Māori News

In a late night press conference, Teina Pora's legal team responded to the recent decision made by the Privy Council to quash the conviction of the rape and murder of Auckland woman, Susan Burdett in 1992.

Lawyer Jonathan Krebs says they're "Absolutely delighted."  

He said that Teina will not be speaking on the matter now or in the near future, but expresses his gratitude for the support he has received.

The team also acknowledged the family of Susan Burdett, who've had to re-live her tragedy every time it's raised in the press.

His convictions have been quashed, essentially meaning Pora is a free man.

The Privy Council has not ordered a retrial, instead they've called for submissions over the next four weeks from lawyers on whether a retrial should be held.