Teina Pora still granted home leave visits

It's been another blow to the Teina Pora camp as the parole board denied him a chance of freedom for the 12th time today. 

The decision was based on Pora's dishonesty to the board after he slept with a prostitute while on home leave privilege at his daughter's home.

Teina Pora was handed a life sentence at the age of 17 for the rape and murder of Susan Burdett in 1994.  Now aged 38, he's spent more than 20 years in prison.

During his incarceration, the parole board granted Pora nine special home leaves.  

On the latest visit to his daughter's home, he was meant to be with an authorised sponsor.

Instead, he slept with a prostitute and lied to the parole board about it.

After heavy questioning by the board, Pora finally confessed.  

Subsequently after this breach, the board felt he could not be trusted to comply with parole conditions if he were to be released.

His lawyer says that Pora spoke of being put in a room with around a dozen strangers, and being asked to talk about a very intimate episode for him.

Since the breach, Pora has still been granted home leave visits, some for as long as 72 hours, all without incident.  

His lawyer is hopeful this will put him in good stead for his next hearing in six months' time.