Teneti a star on the rise in three sports

By James Perry

Kelsey Teneti is a world champion in waka ama, and an up-and-coming rugby player.  Her passion, however, is hockey. 

She is following in the footsteps of her family who have long been involved in sport.

"My mum, she's had a big impact on me in hockey.  She's a bit of a legend in the hockey, still playing at her age- I won't say her age.  My dad, yeah, amazing rugby player," she says.

Her father is also a handy Judoka, as is her brother Jakob. 

Earlier this week the 15-year-old was named MVP of the Hurricanes U15s girls tournament, which her school Lytton High won.  She says her side conceded only two tries the whole tournament.  She also enjoyed success at the Waka Ama World Championships in Tahiti with her Horouta club, winning four gold medals and setting some new world record times. 

While there are many sporting pathways for Teneti to consider in the future, and she jokingly says she'll go wherever the money is, which means Rugby Sevens could be a temptation. 

"I don't like specialising.  I play lots of different sports, keeping my options open," she says.  However, her desire is to continue her mothers legacy.

"I want to fulfill her dreams of becoming a hockey player and just reaching her standards really."

Such is her passion for sport that she says she would be happy to be involved in any way possible.  She has an interest in nutrition, while she is also looking into physiotherapy.  "Just anything to do with sport, keeping active."

Whether it be hockey, waka ama or rugby, Kelsey Teneti should have no problems keeping involved in sport.