Tension continues to grow on Mauna Kea in Hawai'i

By Taroi Black

Tension continues to grow on Mauna Kea as protesters who were arrested yesterday post bail and return to the forefront of the fight.

A fight that has been on-going between native Hawaiians and a company that wants to build a 30 meter high telescope on their sacred mountain.

The 700+ protectors gathered near the top of the mountain and blocked the main road leading up to the TMT construction site.

Police allowed the blockade to go on for about half an hour before they moved in.  But first, a peaceful presentation from these children took place, offering gifts.

Among the protectors was a Māori photographer capturing the reality of this event.

Te Rawhitiroa Bosch says, “There's a big difference between their officers and ours back home. They all carry guns, which is normal in America I guess.”

The company building the $1.4 billion telescope near the mountain's summit said construction will resume "when the issue is resolved".

But it's clear that more chaos to this historic event continues.