Terror Raids: Most Tūhoe are satisfied that we’ve dealt with it – Kruger

By Taroi Black

Today marks 10 years since Police raided the communities of Tūhoe in response to an alleged paramilitary training camp in Te Urewera. 

Chief negotiator Tamati Kruger says, “I don't see any ghosts hanging around from 10 years ago with the terror raids. I think most Tūhoe are satisfied that we've dealt with that.”

On this day, ten years ago, roadblocks were set up between Ruatoki and Taneatua by armed police, who searched and questioned everyone who passed through, including a school bus.

300 police raided homes around the country under Operation 8, hunting for those they believed were involved in suspected military-style training camps in Te Urewera. 17 people were arrested. The Independent Police Conduct Authority branded police actions as unlawful, unjustified and unreasonable.

In 2012 Tūhoe received a $170 million treaty settlement for brutal crown treatment during the 1800's.

Compensation was a start but not without an apology.

In 2014 the Crown delivered its apology for historic grievances labelled among the worst in New Zealand's history.

Police commissioner Mike Bush also fronted the communities of Ruatoki and Taneatua to apologise for their actions during the raids.