A third of Taranaki residents have had Covid - and probably more

By Kelvin McDonald
Photo / File

At least a third of Taranaki residents have had Covid but this figure is likely higher, according to local health authorities. 

Te Whatu Ora Taranaki medical officer of health, Dr Catherine Jackson, says the latest Covid figures indicate that more than 41,400 people, or approximately a third of the Taranaki population, have had the virus.

"It’s important to note that this is the number of reported cases only and we anticipate that the actual infection rate is higher, as we know many people do not report positive test results or test for Covid-19 at all," Dr Jackson said in a statement Friday.

She says it is important to report rapid antigen test (RAT) results so people can quickly access medical and welfare support.

"This is especially important for people who are at high risk of getting severe Covid-19 who may be eligible for medicines they can take at home that can reduce the severity of illness and help them to avoid being admitted to hospital."

Dr Jackson says with a month left of winter we can still expect to see Covid-19 cases and other respiratory illnesses in circulation.

"Recent modelling suggests that from August Covid-19 cases may remain high, and could be above 200 a day until September. This is just one scenario that could happen - again, testing and reporting Covid-19 results helps us better understand how we are tracking and what may come next."