Thor: Ragnarok has arrived in NZ

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

The Gods of the Marvel Universe are back to battle on the big screen.

Te Rina Kowhai says, “I think we as Māori really take to these stories about Gods and war.”

The highly-anticipated Thor: Ragnarok has arrived to NZ, Te Rina Kowhai is attending the premiere tonight.

At the helm of the third instalment for Marvel's Thor franchise is Māori director Taika Waititi. Under his command, an all-star cast. Throughout the film, he threads his unique humour.

“It's awesome to see Taika Waititi make it to this level in Hollywood and we might see some humour or lines from the East Coast,” says Kowhai.

Box-Office figures are estimated to be between $90 and $100 million for its US opening on November 3.

An experienced TV producer, Te Rina is looking forward to see how it's put together.

She says, “I think we as Māori are naturally creative and we need to start thinking about how to tell our own stories on the big screen.”

Thor: Ragnarok opens in NZ cinemas on Thursday.