Three arrested after drugs and firearms seized in Wellington

By Te Ao - Māori News

Three people have been arrested in Wellington and items seized including drugs, firearms, cash and jewellery.

The arrests by Wellington police on Friday followed the execution of a search warrant in Tawa.

Police say the arrests will make a significant dent in the availability of methamphetamine across the city.

Items seized during the operation included methamphetamine, GBL, $30,000 cash, several firearms, a taser and high-value jewellery.

Those arrested included two men, aged 30 and 44, and a 31-year-old woman.

The trio are facing charges in relation to the possession and supply of methamphetamine.

“Illegal drugs have no place in our communities, they cause untold harm not only to the individuals consuming the drugs but also to the friends, family and communities connected to these individuals," says Detective Sergeant Steve Wescott.

Police said mixing class A drugs and firearms can be lethal and they would act with urgency in such cases.

The trio were due to appear in Wellington District Court today.