Tiaki launch new technology to replace trawl nets

By Taroi Black

The developers of new technology to replace trawl nets claim the innovative plastic liner will increase the probability of survival for bycatch by 70%. Precision Seafood Harvesting spent $48mil on the six-year project to help to improve fishing practises in NZ.

Its new technology aimed at revolutionising commercial fishing in NZ and local fisherman are giving it the thumbs.

“When it's inflated to water which is basically a big tube. So these sections here have these round holes in it that will allow our small fish escape.”

“Tonight, Tiaki is launching a new category of premium quality seafood from NZ.  The fish were caught using PSH technology.”

“So when we lift the fish net and bring it on board, they're contained in this cot end of water. So when you get them up on the gantry they're swimming around in the water where a conventional cot end will be squashed up and brought on board.”  

The most destructive method of deep sea fishing is bottom trawling. But with the new technology, tests show snapper have a 90% chance of survival.

But the survival rate for bottom trawling is around 20%. 

Tiaki has also revolutionised the way seafood is purchased. A smart phone can be used to track where fish have been caught.

Internationally, the Tiaki app will help ensure only genuine Tiaki fish are caught and sold under its label, which is important for food security.

The trawl method of fishing is monitored and regulated by the Quota Management and Fisheries Management Act to ensure it is sustainable for fish stocks. However, this new technology marks a move by Sealord, Sanford and Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd towards as a new way of catching fish.