Tikipunga High School students brings life back to cars

By Taroi Black

A secondary school in Whangarei has aimed to popularise one of their Automotive Trades Academy's to help students graduate and increase their chances in the trade industry. But it's not just for guys, 12 graduates including five young women are taking part.

Tutor Clint Mcewen says, “It’s part of Te Taitokerau Trade. We all know that we have a shortage of trade’s people so it's giving our kids an opportunity.”

The Automotive Trades Academy works alongside schools like Tikipunga High School in Whangarei which helps these year 12 and 13 students gain credit through this course in order to graduate.

Academy student Jackson Tarawa says, “It's just a hands-on experience we get in the schools. We get a lot of knowledge with the tools and parts and that. It's a big help to achieve our dreams in the Automotive Trade.”

Their tutor Clint McEwen says the academy students spend three periods’ every day fixing cars.  

“For me, it's the kids and opening the door for them and giving them an insight of what it's like into the Automotive Trade”, Mr. McEwen said.

The Automotive Trades Academy has also seen a significant increase of female students enrolling into the course.

Samantha June says, “This was a project that was done last year by the last year 12 students. And because they didn't finish it got previously carried on to this year where we basically finished the job. When you look at it you feel relieved that you finished it and it's actually pretty awesome how you carry on the work of people that did it.”