Time is running out to vote in Tairāwhiti

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

This year, the most Māori ever are running for Gisborne's District Council (GDC). But with two days left, only 1/3 of electors have voted.

According to national statistics, local council voting numbers for Māori are low throughout the country.

As of today, 10,050 votes have been received in total for the GDC.

Communications Advisor - Relationships  at GDC, Marire Kuka says, “So this is a big deal, don't just sit there and when the time is up ohh here are complaints about the council, this is your time, chose who you want to stand for the council."

The Gisborne District Council is aiming for more than 50% of electors to vote, but the aspiration is a long way off with just 1/3 of overall electoral voters having voted so far.

“If you've registered, and you've received your voting papers in the mail, it's simple. If you haven't yet registered, register, and make a 'special vote'”, says Kuka.

If you haven't registered, you need to make a special vote at the council office, or Te Puia Springs service centre.

Kuka says, “It's not impossible to achieve, so we're saying to everyone, including Māori, even though it's a little bit difficult it's maybe ten or fifteen minutes to make it happen, so make it happen, you must arrive and vote.”

Council is elected for three years before you can vote again.

“This is your vote, this is your council, you can choose who the councilors will be, and what the council does. Our message, our request, our prayer is to Māori to come down and vote”, says Kuka.

Voting closes at midday this Saturday.