Timely stranger danger reminder for parents & children

Schools in Māngere, South Auckland are reminding their students about "Stranger Danger" rules following a couple of serious incidents that have happened in the area this past week.

Police say that a suspicious person has been stopping children, offering them cash and trying to get them to get into his vehicle after school hours.  

It was reported that a girl from Al-Madinah School in Māngere was grabbed by a stranger yesterday.  Apparently the man tried to pull her into his car but she broke free.

Police are now questioning a man over the incident.

Waterlea School in Māngere Bridge also issued a danger warning yesterday which stated that on Wednesday afternoon, a female had offered and bought children lollies, iceblocks and pies at the Wallace Road dairy, meanwhile a male driver was waiting (nearby) in a car.  Neither of the adults were familiar to the children, and their intentions were also unknown.

Counties-Manukau Police have urged local schools and parents to remind their children of the stranger danger rules, and keep alert for any suspicious activities around school areas.