Tini Molyneux receives Television Legend award

By Tema Hemi

Tūhoe descendant and veteran journalist Tini Molyneux will receive this year's Television Legend award, recognising her work in television over thirty-six years. 

Since 1982 she has been a voice for Māori and a familiar face on television in homes throughout the country. 

The Television Legend award acknowledges Molyneux for her work with Te Karere, Waka Huia, Marae and her 10 years as One News Māori Affairs correspondent among other achievements. 

She continues to work as a producer for Te Kāea and Marae. 

Source: Māori Television Website.

Molyneux speaks fondly about the early years in her career and the people she worked with.

"There was a group of us and we would help each other out.  Hone Edwards was one, Piere Lyndon, John Tahuparae, Waihoroi (Wasi) Shortland, Wena Harawira, Tawini Rangihau, those types of people, Hinerangi Goodman, Martin Rakuraku and others who joined the team- but we all were confident speakers in te reo at that time."

It was Tūhoe elder John Rangihau who gave her advice and urged her to take up a career in broadcasting.

"His advice to me was, there is only one thing you have to think about, you come from Tūhoe, you were brought up in Tūhoe, you are well-versed in the traditions of Tūhoe, stand and uphold your Tūhoetanga," she says.

"My thoughts are, if one person is singled out for an award then without a doubt there are many more people behind that individual who give sustenance and purpose to that individual, that's why I'm a bit reluctant to receive such an award."

Source: Massey University Website 

Molyneux believes that the promotion and retention of te reo Māori are what is needed in the NZ television industry.  More opportunities to promote te reo on television and in every other public forum is a bonus for the Māori language and culture.

With her many years of experience in broadcasting, Molyneux says she will continue to nurture the next generation.