Toilet paper at a premium again thanks to new lockdown

By Taroi Black

Remember the drama that unfolded on social media when toilet paper triggered panic buying at supermarkets.  

Well, the struggle is real for many South Australians going into their first lockdown of seven days over the shortage of essential products, one resident says. 

Melissa Bowley, who lives in Adelaide, noticed her local store restricting people to two toilet paper packs per customer per shop, to prevent rolls being wiped off the shelves. 

However, some residents have been clever enough to hoard toilet rolls over time. "We're pretty good on toilet paper," Bowley says. 

The lockdown comes as an Argentinian man, 81, arrived in South Australia on July 8 and then tested positive with Covid-19. In response, Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins has announced a seven-day pause on the free travel bubble to South Australia. 

Visited two hotspots

Six cases have been confirmed and more are expected to emerge, with 52 sites showing how far the virus can spread across Adelaide, according to South Australia Health. 

Meanwhile, a Whanganui woman was shocked to learn she had been in two hotspots for Covid-19 before the state went into lockdown. That now means when everyone else gets out of the seven-day lockdown, she and many others in her position will have to wait another week till she gets another Covid-19 test. 

"I sat in the line for five hours and I tell you what - the testing bays are crazy," Rawinia Jackson says. 

Like many others who are waiting for their test results, Rawinia Jackson, discovered her hotspot location when she visited the same supermarket at Tea-Tree Shopping Mall at the same time the 81-year-old was there. Thn thee very next day she realised she was linked to another hotspot at Munno Para Shopping Mall. 

"The struggle is real but I'm just lucky that we're in quarantine."