Tokona Te Raki - Looking forward to a better future

By Te Ao - Māori News

About half the entire Māori workforce is employed in industries directly affected by Covid-19.

According to data compiled by economic consultancy BERL, 73% of rangatahi workers will be negatively affected by Covid-19 as they work in industries like retail, tourism and tourism and hospitality. 

The bureau's findings were commissioned by Ngāi Tahu, which wants to get more rangatahi into safer and secure employment.

"The problem is that what's being offered to our youth is agriculture, labour, and tourism opportunities," Eruera Prendergast-Tārena says. 

"As we know, tourism is taking a big hit, so how can we utilise digital technology to improve tourism and the health sector too?"

Eruera Prendergast-Tārena was talking about Tokona Te Raki, some of Ngāi Tahu's work in preparing its rangatahi for secure employment.

He says,  "It is in the hands of our Māori people and, if we are the carriers of our own path, we can determine where we are going. That is the real challenge for us, especially for the government on how funding and resources can be used to support the people for the well-being of Māori and New Zealanders."

"The most important thing for us is the research and looking forward to a better future. The second part is how to encourage, support and strengthen our rangatahi so that they can become the founders of their own aspirations such as innovation, co-design, and so on, for them to gain the power to manage projects to bring forward and bring them to the future."