Tomorrow People to release tri-lingual song at One Love

By Jessica Tyson
Tomorrow People started singing songs in te reo Māori to help support the revitalisation of the language. Source: Tomorrow People

Popular Kiwi reggae band Tomorrow People are set to wow the crowds at the One Love festival this weekend when they release their newest song in three different languages.

Lead singer Marcus Abraham says the song Poly Reo is a mash-up of three of their recently released tracks and will be sung on stage in te reo Māori, Samoan and English.

The band only started making the song about a week ago after posting a video on Facebook of them “jamming out.”  

“We decided to do a remix of all three songs and put them all in one. The video went pretty viral and people started asking ‘Where can we download this song?’.”

Tomorrow People have had a huge demand from the public to record their new song after posting a video of them singing in three languages. Source: Tomorrow People, Facebook

Marcus says the band, which is made up of Samoan and Māori members, started singing songs in te reo Māori to help support the revitalisation of the language.

“With all the positive Māori songs out there at the moment we kind of wanted to jump on board and help the momentum,” says Marcus.

The band also wanted to make Poly Reo following negativity in the media, including comments recently made by Newstalk ZB radio host Mike Hosking in a video uploaded to Facebook this week.

“It was just our way in kind of getting behind our reo, being proud Māori, and also just reassuring people that we can listen to te reo Māori songs on the radio,” says Marcus.

“It’s actually not dying. We’re actually revitalising it.”

With more than 80 percent of people attending the festival being Māori and Pacifica, Marcus hopes people will feel proud that their native languages will be performed on an international stage.

“I just hope people are able to be able to relate to that and feel just comfortable and proud of who they are as people.”

Marcus says the new song is about taking risks to find love.

“I feel like a lot of people can relate to that with relationships these days. They have that unease about being hurt,” he says.

Tomorrow people will also release their new EP at One Love and are scheduled to perform on Saturday from 5.10pm.