Tough day at the office for National

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Ups, downs and a whole lot of side-eye.  It's the first day in the House for 'Jacinda and Judith 'and a first glimpse into what this election may hold for New Zealand. The latest new National leader was not going to make the Prime Minister's road an easy one to tread.

Judith Collins stuck to her guns and gave Jacinda Ardern a run for her money in question time today, questioning the Coalition government's plans for transport and light rail in Auckland. There were a few verbal punches thrown.

But that wasn't the main event for the day in national politics. The party experienced yet another loss after MP Andrew Falloon was alleged to be sending pornographic messages to a young woman. Collins confirmed this morning that further allegations had arrived and that the actions were unacceptable and did not align with National Party principles. 

 It was a tough day back in the office for National. Over the weekend the Māori Party said it would not align with National this time. The relationship with New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has always been a difficult one. Now the co-leader of the Greens, Marama Davidson, is saying National will have to have another look at its policies before the Greens even think about working with them.