Traditional games introduced at Iwi sports day

By Eru Paranihi

Sport Waitakere are introducing two traditional Māori games at the Ngāti Whātua Summer Hākinakina event this Saturday. While there are those that are familiar with Kī-o-rahi,  Horohopu is less well-known.

The event is a great opportunity to start expanding these two favourite Māori past times. 

Sport Waitakere Manager Wiremu Mato says, “Ngāti Whātua wanted to introduce these games because they new to most of their people. They also wanted to learn them.” 

There are many positive aspects to introducing the games.  Mato says that they are relevant as they are both from this country and from our ancestors which encourages camaraderie. 

“We see smiles and laughter and all of these aspects in the children, and also the elders.” 

Five Ngāti Whātua marae will be competing. The day is based on participation, not the familiar competition format that traditional Pā Wars use.  

Teams can also accumulate points if they choose to incorporate the Māori language into their games. 

“The winning points are based on Te Reo Māori- as long as we hear ngā kupu going on,” says event organiser Awhina Uruamo-Creswell. 

The event will take place at Rautawhiri Park in Helensville on Saturday with many of the games and activities set to start at 8 am.