Traffic light system confirmed for whole country in December

By Te Ao - Māori News

Mark December 3 in your calendars because the Traffic Light System is a go for the entire country!

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed today at her 4pm press conference from the Beehive that Cabinet decided today that New Zealand will shift into the Covid-19 Protection Framework at 11:59pm on Thursday, December 2.

"That is 11 days from now, so it's important that everyone gets prepared."

November 29 will also be the day on which the cabinet will confirm which region gets to go to which light, with Auckland confirmed to be on red.

Ardern also encouraged people who had waited more than three weeks since they received their first dose, which is "nearly 200,000 or 4.6% of the eligible population", to get vaccinated before the traffic light system goes live.

"To that group, I do urge you to get your second dose and download your [vaccine] pass as soon as possible," she said.

Hairdressers back on Thursday

It's also good news for barbers and hairdressers, as Ardern also confirmed as part of a trial run for the new system that these businesses in Auckland can open from this Thursday, November 25, "so long as they require proof of vaccination from customers.

"We'll be posting and sending out detailed sector guidance but, in short, hairdressers will need to operate with vaccine passes, take bookings only, no walk-ins and staff must also be fully vaccinated.

"We've chosen hairdressers to trial vaccine passes because, out of all the venues still closed, they pose the lowest risks by reopening."