Treasury advisors calls on Māori entities to 'sweat' their balance sheets

By Bronson Perich

Treasury is leading the Government's reset, rebuild and recovery economic response.

Trevor Moeke is the principal advisor for Crown-Māori capability at Treasury.

He described the work behind the scenes required to create and implement a budget. 

"The Treasury's job is to be the main economic advisor," Moeke says.

As well as advising governments, Treasury prepares the information required so that Budgets can be prepared.

They also see to it that Government departments receive their funding.

"As we go forward, the focus is on the recovery, the intensity around jobs, the holding of the national arrangements, while the rest of the globe is working itself out," he says.

He adds that COVID-19 has brought many challenges to te ao Māori, but it has also brought opportunities.

Māori input in the Primary sector, he says, will help in the coming recovery.

With that in mind, Moeke says that now is the time to 'sweat' the balance sheets for long-term gains.