Trelise Cooper slammed for use of traditional Native American head pieces

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Dame Trelise Cooper has apologies for her "70s Vibe" runway show after her models wore traditional native American War head pieces.

Co-founder of Miromoda, Ata Kanawa says, “This is definitely a fashion faux pas and I think the controversy that's come about as a result of that will be really purposeful in educating people about being careful around cultural issues.”

Some people have voiced their concerns on Facebook calling it culturally insensitive and disrespectful.  Māori movie director and actor Taika Waititi tweeted about it.

Ms Te Kanawa was at the show last night, and said she was annoyed and surprised.

“It irked me a little, with Miromoda we are all about our culture and our referencing to our ascetic so that's a natural for us,” says Ms Te Kanawa.

Dame Trelise Cooper said in a statement on Facebook, she didn't mean to offend through using Native American head dress in her catwalk show, and that it was never her intention to disrespect anyone.

We've seen Native American head pieces in fashion before by French fashion house Chanel and musician Pharrell Williams, but let’s hope it’s the last time we see it here in NZ.