Tribal Huk leader names alleged P dealer in town warning

By Korōria Taumaunu
Image from Jamie Niwa Milroy's Facebook page

Tribal Huk leader Jamie Pink has issued fresh warnings to the Ngāruawāhia community to assist the gang in their campaign to rid the town of P dealers.

In a proclamation down the Waikato town’s main street this morning,  Mr Pink, surrounded by members of the local-based gang, named a man who he alleged was a P dealer.

 “You fullas tell C****** T***, f*** off out of Ngāruawāhia,” declared Mr Pink.

Footage of the proclamation was posted to Facebook shortly after the incident, with the tagline, “Never a dull moment in Ngāruawāhia. Tbh I'm all for chasing P dealers out of town.”

Many Facebook users commented on the post with their support.

The gang is known for their charitable works through their Food in Schools programme which provides lunch for children in 25 Waikato schools from Hamilton north to Rangiriri.

In the opening moments of the video the community-minded gang leader can be heard saying, “He’s the last m***** f***** selling P in town.”

He then warned, “Anyone got a problem, get the f**** over here now.  This is for your fullas children.”

“I don’t care if it's whānau, they’ve got to go,” announced Mr Pink.

It’s the latest incident to occur in the gang’s war to eliminate P use in Ngāruawāhia, after shots were fired at Mr Pink’s SUV over the weekend and the gang leader’s right eye was damaged.