Troy Kingi's sci-fi soul music to go on tour

By Taroi Black

Māori musician and actor Troy Kingi is about to give New Zealanders a real taste of his sci-fi soul music as he prepares for his tour. It's his first tour since producing his sophomore album late last year.

Troy Kingi is taking it back to the 1970's with his latest sci-fi styled album.   

This week, he tours NZ for the first time since the release of his second album, which he recorded in three days. 

His aim is to create 10 albums in 10 years with this particular album used as a cornerstone to self-discovery into soul music. 

Troy collaborated with Quincy Mike, a tattoo artist who came up with the front cover of his album, which is a spin-off from a typical 70's sci-fi concept. 

He will also produce a music video for one of his songs.