Tūheitia announces re-establishment of Tekaumārua

The strength of the Poukai remains strong in Ngāti Awa.

However, an announcement was made about the re-establishment of the Tekaumārua advisory board to the Kīngitanga, which some say has been a long time coming.

The board's main objective when first established by King Tāwhiao was to maintain Māori independence. 

But in today's world, how would that work?

Last November, discussions within the Kīngitanga were had in regards to the re-establishment of the Tekaumārua Board. 

Past members of the board were always from Tainui, however, discussions now indicate that this group will be iwi-based.  

It is believed to be a move to re-engage the concept of the Kīngitanga with the various tribes of NZ in order for the movement to remain strong.