Tūhoe mull over Settlement

Mataatua Marae was packed with Tūhoe descendants preparing for the Tūhoe Festival next weekend.

But Friday's settlement signing was all anyone was talking about.

Whitiaua Ropitini says, “the time has come for the dreams and aspirations of Tūhoe,in relation to our self-governance, becomes a reality.”

On Friday, Tūhoe signed a deal with the Crown which will see Tūhoe receive $170 million in redress and co-governance rights over the Urewera National Park.

Kiri Rua also of Tūhoe says that introducing money to the table may cause problems interneally with the iwi from here on.

Another iwi member Pera Melbourne says the focus must be on remaining of one mind and not becoming divided over the issue.

The Tūhoe settlement will be one of the biggest in New Zealand's history, but the people still have to ratify the deal.

The settlement process for Tūhoe is still a long way off but just one thing was on the minds of these descendants, their Tūhoe Festival scheduled for next week.

Reporter: Mere McLean.