Tūhoronuku to begin Ngāpuhi settlement negotiations

Tūhoronuku has sought mandated authority to negotiate Ngāpuhi's treaty settlement since the Ngāpuhi Mandate Inquiry Report was released in 2015. Time has now passed for Ngāpuhi descendants to disagree with them.

A gathering of Ngāpuhi to unite on the progress of their pending treaty settlement.

Te Kotahitanga o Ngā Hapū o Ngāpuhi co-leader Pita Tipene says, "We're bringing together our thoughts for the future, such as where we are going as Ngāpuhi, and another focus is to make peace."

This follows the refusal of Te Kotahitanga leadership to meet with Tūhoronuku to resolve internal issues.

Patu Hohepa of Te Kotahitanga says, "Some of the negative things that continue, set those aside. Those who disagree need to come together to discuss how to resolve the wrongdoings so Ngāpuhi can move as one."

Friday marked the last day for Ngāpuhi to have their say on whether or not they support Tūhoronuku.

Ngāpuhi descendant Huhana Lyndon says, "To engage in conversation and come up with ways to enhance our iwi. I think this meeting is a great platform to direct our focus to the future."

According to Tūhoronuku chairman Hone Sadler, the general message from Ngāpuhi is just to 'get on with it'.

Tipene says, "The hopes and desires of the many hapū are now clear. The next thing is to be really precise on those goals so that all hapū are united."

Tūhoronuku is expected to begin negotiating a settlement with the Crown soon after the General Elections.